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What Type of QuickBooks User Are You?

QuickBooks "Skill-Seeker"

You're the never-ending organizer, data-gather, sifting thru bills, invoices and all things related to data-entry. You're in charge of the Three R's (Reconciling, Reviewing and Reporting) - You likely want to Fix, Learn More or Make Better Use of QuickBooks and/or Accounting Workflows to have Timely and Stress-Free Financial Information.

QuickBooks "Reporter"

You're the Financial Analyst, the Forecaster, Evaluating Trends and Performance from Data. You're in charge of the Three I's (Identification, Interpretation and Informant) - You likely on a path of Setting-Up Budgets, Cash Flow Statements and Measuring Key Performance Indicators.

Business "Transformer"

You're the Orchestrator, monitoring the whole organization, including operations, finance and more. You're in charge of the Three P's (Profitability, Production and Progress) - Your leadership brings harmony, synchronicity & automated workflows for everyone to be free of mundane or repetitive tasks.

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