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What Type of QuickBooks User Are You?

QuickBooks "Skill-Seeker"

You're the never-ending organizer, data-gather, sifting thru bills, invoices and all things related to data-entry. You're in charge of the 3 R's (Reconciling, Reviewing and Reporting) - You likely want to Fix, Learn More or Make Better Use of QuickBooks and/or Accounting Workflows to have Timely and Stress-Free Financial Information.

QuickBooks "Reporter"

You're the Financial Analyst, the Forecaster, Evaluating Trends and Performance from Data. You're in charge of the 3 I's (Identification, Interpretation and Informant) - You likely on a path of Setting-Up Budgets, Cash Flow Statements and Measuring Key Performance Indicators.

Business "Transformer"

You're the Orchestrator, monitoring the whole organization, including operations, finance and more. You're in charge of the 3 P's (Profitability, Production and Progress) - Your leadership brings harmony, synchronicity & automated workflows for everyone to be free of mundane or repetitive tasks.

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